using excel solver to determine how to split between two trucks for best profit

how do I set up an excel spread sheet to determine how to divide miles for two truck project and add in the costs per truck and use solver to find answer

Create spreadsheets and use Solver to determine the correct volumes to be produced to minimize cost for the following problem. Your company has two trucks that it wishes to use on a specific contract. One is a new truck the company is making payments on, and one is an old truck that is fully paid for. The new truck’s costs per mile are as follows: 54₵ (fuel/additives), 24₵ (truck payments), 36₵ (driver), 12₵ (repairs), and 1₵ (misc.). The old truck’s costs are 60₵ (fuel/additives), 0₵ (truck payments), 32₵ (rookie driver), 24₵ (repairs), and 1₵ (misc.). The company knows that truck breakdowns lose customers, so it has capped estimated repair costs at $14,000. The total distance involved is 90,000 miles (to be divided between the two trucks).

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