Use the Case Study presented here to answer the questions below. Your answers should be long enough to answer each question fully and completely and typed below the individual question in this document. Follow the instructions in the questions to determine the appropriate length of your responses.

  • Your answers should demonstrate an understanding of the concept(s), should apply critical thinking, and should provide analysis of the Case Study in light of the concepts(s).
  • You should not just re-iterate what has been presented in class, but integrate the information and relate it to the Case Study.
  • Incorporate information from the class content, discussions, and assignment feedback.
  • Proper APA style must be used for any citations and references that you use.
  • Your exam will be graded on the completeness and accuracy of your responses and whether you have appropriately tied your responses to the Case Study. Responses that do not mention the Case Study will receive very few points, if any. Each question is worth 10 points.

Virginia’s Finest Meat Distributors

Victor Constantine is owner of one of the few remaining privately owned meat distributors in the Washington DC Metropolitan region. Independent butcher shops have decreased in number over the last decade, since meat sales have fallen overall and restaurants have increasingly moved to large wholesale distributors. However, this has created an opportunity for specialty butcher shops in markets that provide only basic options through these larger retailers. Victor’s market niche is providing customized meat cuts for each client – clients are individual restaurants, chains, caterers and specialty places such as country clubs.

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