Virus Discussion

1. Whether the virus is a DNA or an RNA virus2. The family and genus of the virus-you can find DNA/RNA, family and genus for most viruses in the big table in chapter 6. Please look here FIRST, because it will be most accurate. Please don’t jump straight to google for this.3. How the virus is transmitted4. Signs and Symptoms of the virus5. Complications of the virus-this is the most important part of the assignment. You may find viruses with symptoms like “fatigue, body aches” and think “Oh that’s not too bad”, but if death is a complication, it can be bad.6. How the virus is either treated or prevented7. Any other unique or helpful information about your virusPlease cite your source using APA format (no need for in-text citations, just a reference list at the end of the post). Some of the best sources would be table 6.2 in your textbook, the CDC, and the WHO. Please make sure not to copy and paste. Try to put the info in your own words when possible. If you must use the direct words of the site, remember that it must be in quotes (but try to avoid quotes when possible).

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