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vocal health
In this week’s lecture, we discussed several aspects of vocal health. Topics included the function of the vocal cords, how they can become damaged, and rates of injuries for certain occupations.
1. Earlier in the semester, we discussed causal factors for musculoskeletal injuries, particularly the role of force, posture, and repetition. We learned that when performing an activity, the amount of force used, the length of time spent, and the posture used, all have an affect on the musculoskeletal health of the performer. Apply these risk factors to the human voice and explore possible injury risks. What activities and habits might make someone more or less susceptible to injury?
2. Using this line of thinking, put possible risk factors for vocal health into the context of an occupation. What occupation might be at a high risk for vocal injury, and why? Try to be creative when considering occupations (avoid the obvious “opera singer”). As always, be critical in applying what you’ve learned throughout the semester.

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