watch the video and write the discussion

I would like you to discuss the movie “Food Inc.”, and our modern industrial agricultural system. This movie is widely available, so I’m hoping it’s not unreasonable to ask you to find it and talk about it. I have provided a list of topics I’d like you to focus on from the movie to discuss (this will also let you participate in the discussion with some research if you can’t watch the movie). Please post one comment and one reply to a classmate. You do not need to address them all, and you are not limited by these topics:

  • Genetically Modified crops and animals
  • Patenting genes
  • Health and our food system
  • Environmental problems
  • Feeding the world
  • Local food movement
  • CAFOs
  • Food system alternatives
  • please try to use evidence when you discuss your opinions, and please try not to assume. The internet is at your disposal to look things up. Please use it.

Two substantial posts total.

This discussion worth 20 points.

Posts in the discussions must meet minimum requirements to receive credit:

  • You must discuss your answers, and not simply reply with a few words or sentences. A minimum of one full paragraph required for most posts, if not more.
  • Posts that are too short will not count for credit.
  • The post must be on topic. Posts that are not on topic will not count for credit.
  • Any outside material must be cited. Any material copied from any source will be considered cheating, and result in a zero for that discussion.

Then, provide the reply for this discussion

——“They mention in the video that many Americans eat meat and sugary products, because they are cheap and accessible. Unlike meat products, fresh produces are expensive, so many working class families don’t prefer to eat vegetables. As a result, I often saw many overweight American in America. In my opinion, American is facing obesity crisis. In order to solve the obesity crisis in Ameirca, we need to fight against poverty and unemployment. Also, we need to reduce the price of vegetable so that many working class family will be able to afford to eat it.

Right now, the local food movement is becoming more popular and popular because their produce and vegetables are organic and fresh. For example, I live in Daly City, so every Thursday, I go to the local farmer market. Although they are expensive, sometimes, they accept EPT or food stamps. Therefore, many low income families can afford to eat fresh produces from local market with their EBT. In addition, I believe that local food movement is good for local economy and environment because they are hiring local people, and their vegetables are grown on the local farm.”

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