Read Chapter 16 (will be attached) entitled, “Beyond Word Study: Reading Fluency” (pp. 250-271). Some of the questions answered in this chapter are: What is Fluency? Why is Fluency Important? The chapter also gives examples of how teachers can build fluency.

You have two options for this discussion posting:

  • Option 1: In this discussion posting, describe some challenges of fluency instruction. Use the text as a source of evidence for your thinking. In addition, you must refer to another text besides your textbook to support your thinking.
  • Option 2: On page 268, Rasinski and Padak (2013) write, “The entire class reads the text chorally several times. The teacher creates variety by having students read different verses or portions of the texts in groups.” Choral reading is when students read the same text at the same time out loud. Read this web article for more information about choral reading (http://www.readingrockets.org/strategies/choral_re…) . Choral reading is a preferable strategy to popcorn reading, or round robin reading; which is deemed as ineffective by many reading experts and reading teachers.

Find another op-ed or scholarly article about the topic. Write your own opinion piece using evidence as support. Answer the following questions:

  • What is your opinion on popcorn reading/round robin reading and choral reading?
  • What is your personal and professional experience with these reading strategies?
  • What type of oral reading strategies will you use in your classroom to support fluency? (This site offers alternatives to effective oral reading strategies: Good-bye round robin: 25 effective oral reading strategies (will be attached)).
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