week three assignment 27 ways to improve family involvement brochure

  1. Using the infographic on the left as a model, develop an infographic or brochure that explains to a family/caregiver, how you plan to implement collaboration and communication with the family. Make sure you select a schools level (elementary, middle, high school, special education).
  2. Include in the infographic or brochure how they can help in supporting their child’s success. Use the resource provided as a template or guideline. In addition please refer to the rubric.

When saving your files please follow this naming protocol: Last Name_Assignment_Date: (Smith_Chapter1_Jan8).

All assignments should have a title page which inform the reader of your full name, assignment name, title (if applicable), class, date, and professor’s name. This is due Saturday at midnight.

Click on the “Week Three Assignment – 27 Ways to Improve Family Involvement Brochure ” link above to submit your assignment, as well to get more information regarding the due date and grading rubric

Please follow the link below for a larger version of the chart, and several other resources.

also Ive attached some helpful tips

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