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Topic: What are the costs of eliminating crime in today’s society
Paper details:
Society uses many avenues and initiatives to eliminate crime but what are the costs if crime was eliminated completely? Would there be a change in societal laws therefore crime would continue but the definition would be different? Is it attainable? Is it necessary for society to have crime? What would be the change within societal structure if there wasn’t any crime? Is it possible to eliminate crime all together? Look into routine activities and functions served by crime. What are the benefits of crime and does it have anything to do with societal values of greed and desires?
(these are some examples of questions to look at when researching what crime contributes to our society)
– please try and use statistics where necessary
– draw on examples from communities with little or no crime
– Canadian examples would be preferred
– try to include relevant theories of crime including Emile Durkheim’s structural functionalism

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