What are the different types of employee turnover

In this assignment, you will research non-traditional labor markets related to recruiting. In this assignment, you will demonstrate skill in identifying and using credible and reliable sources of information as well as applying APA formatting.

This assignment assesses the follow Module 2 learning objectives: identify and distinguish types of turnover and their impact on internal and external recruiting and retention; describe the concept of branding and marketing an organization to potential qualified applicants; and demonstrate skill in identifying and using credible and reliable sources of information.

Assignment Response: provide a written response to both essays:

  • Essay 1 – Identify the different types of employee turnover and explain why an HR department would want to measure the different types of turnover. Be sure to provide examples of HR Metrics in your explanation. (textbook citation and reference required)
  • Essay 2 – Explain how employer branding is different and/or similar to product branding and why an HR department want to develop an employment brand? Provide an employment brand example from Internet research in your explanation. (Internet source citation and reference required)
  • Research Essay 3 – Locate an article (less than two years old) in the TAMU-CT library focusing on recruiting high quality talent with regard to either reducing turnover, increasing retention, or employment brand. Provide a reflection of information from this article. What was the article about, why was it important and appropriate to this assignment, what information did the literature review provide that was interesting or notable, what was the outcomes of the article, how can you use this information in your potential career as a HR professional, supervisor, business professional, or technician? (text book and article citation and reference required)

Your response should be about 1 page each for essay 1 and 2, and 2 pages for research essay 3, in addition to the title page and reference page. Inform your response with information from the required readings (Mathis, Jackson, Valentine, & Meglich, 2017) and required sources in the essay description. Ensure that the source you selected helps to demonstrate understanding of the content learned in Module 2. Paraphrase only, no direct quotes. Properly cite and reference in APA all sources of information.

Written Requirements

Download and use the sample assignment template View in a new windowfor your layout. Your response to this assignment should include a title page, body of the paper, and reference page. The essay responses should be addressed separately and should include separate headings. The text should be Times New Roman, black, 12 point font. One inch margins all around. No direct quotes, paraphrase (in your own words). Your response should be within the designated page range; substantially short assignments will receive a substantial deduction. Your assignment should be uploaded as an MS word document as well as the selected article by the midnight of the due date. The assignment should be saved as LastName_Assignment#

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