what are your most important ideas about leadership that you will take away from integrity leadership

Personal Development Plan (PDP):

Your final paper is a Personal Development Plan in which you explain how you will apply what you have learned in Integrity Leadership to improve on your own personal leadership and communication competencies.

Please use the following suggestions as a guide:

  1. In brief, what are your most important ideas about leadership that you will take away from Integrity Leadership?
  2. What are the most important things that you have learned about yourself (competencies and behaviors)?
  3. How would you apply your learning to your personal case?
  4. These are only guidelines, not an outline for the paper

Grades for the PDP will be based on:

  1. How clearly and persuasively the paper develops important learning from Integrity Leadership to outline your personal development plan.
  2. How much insight is reflected in the learning of Integrity Leadership about yourself?
  3. How well the paper develops linkages between learning Integrity Leadership and your personal development plan.
  4. To what degree you have used leading with integrity to support your arguments.
  5. To what degree you have used your own research to support your arguments.

Please write this as a “paper” not a bulletted list. AACSB writing style required. Reference page required. 300-400 Words minimum requirement.

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