What does Craigie say about clarity of intention, compassion and presence and what is the impact on healing?


Please respond to the content you have read in Craigie, Chapter7 & 8

1) What does Craigie say about clarity of intention, compassion and presence and what is the impact on healing?

2) What approach to nurturing qualities of healing intention and presence resonate with you, and your interest in advanced practice nursing?

3) As presented in Ch. 2, Craigie proposes 4 reasons why spirituality is important to health and wellness care. What are your thoughts on application of spiritual inventory and/or conversation? What resonates with you and your practice?

The projected nursing shortage can incur significant impact to the nursing profession and to the public.  For one, the anticipated increase of the U.S aging population, this will put more strain on the nursing profession to find nursing to care for this population. At the same token, there is a great proportion of the nursing workforce that will reach retirement age. This will create an imbalance situation in terms of nurse-to-patient ratios. Such event will indubitably trigger anxiety, job burnout, turnover, absenteeism, and low morality within the nursing profession.

The nursing shortage can have adverse impacts to patients’ health-care outcomes. The public might suffer considerably from medical errors; nurses may have less time to spend and care with patients. As a result, the proportions of hospital readmission and patient death can increase exponentially.

The nursing profession will face with the urgency to provide answers to the nursing workforce disparity in relation to the growing aging population. Such ageing population are suffering from chronic diseases that require long-term care. That is, the nursing profession must increase the nursing workforce pool to compensate for the projected shortage.

One way that the nursing profession is dealing with resolving this issue is through public-private partnerships. Such a strategy can put emphasis on encouraging nurses to access to higher education so that they become nurse educator. This will require providing incentives to nurse. In the same perspective, efforts should be done to launch advertising programs that show positive aspects of the nursing profession.  Coupled with these, community leaders, healthcare associations, and Nursing Association should advocate elected officials to provide more funds to help the nursing profession.

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