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What grounds does Atheism Thrives in the present kenya? :The Christian response.
Kenya has been a religious community , acknowledges the sovereighnity of God in the preamble of their constitution.
Check sites like Atheists in Kenya( AIK) on Google+ and see their bone of contentions, see their activities
Why are young working class joining? why are a number of kenyans unchurched? What is not happening In the religious community that is making people join Atheism? Are they really atheists or these are people who feel disappointed with God?. The rise of Atheism Group in Kenya came came up for registration after kenya promulgated the new constitution which allows registration of human rights groups and more others have followed-is this a ground for its growth?.
Generally, has there been literature written in this regard and what have they said and will make this study different?
University guidelines on reseach proposal
1. Summary or Abstract
2.Background of the study
Convey the importance of the research logically leading to problem statement.
3.Problem statement
Identify real existin problem articulated as researchable problem ,present facts and evidence that support the need for research and refer to literature. demonstrate that the problem is solvable.
4. Literature Review
Demonstratest the theoretical basis of this research to help build further the understanding of the problem, demonstrates reviews of literature related to this study ,your findings in them and defects/gaps which the research shall bridge.
should be Specific,Measurable, Achievable,Realistic and Time bound(SMART)
The objectives should be 2 or 3 indicating what the reseach is supposed to accomplished. Should be one clear statement brief and concise. A good objective emphasises what will be done and when whereas a method will explain how it will be done.
6. Reseach questions or Hypotheses
These are re-statements of objectives, Hypothesis is develop by deductive or inductive reasoning, they must be capable of verification or rejection.
7. Material and Methods or Methodology
Kindly state the. material to be used in the study and instruments for data collection for example data analysis,interviews,Questionaire,observations
8.Significance of the study
The government of Kenya though has register the group but still run into problems-the other they erected a billboard inviting kenyan’s not to believe in God ,it was raised down,when the court permitted the group to be registered the religious leaders in kenya complained forgetting it was a provision of the constitution, The group has demanded that religious eduction in schools to be stopped and called the church to stop commenting on public matters.
The Christian response be given.
Name of the Author,Year of publication,Tittle of publication,edition of publication if applicable or volume,place of publication and publishers then pages.

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