what is beyond meat how it is effecting the food and beverage industry

Final Paper Outline

Paper Topic:

Our meatless future: Beyond meat now provides plant-based meat that aims to address four growing global issues: Human Health, Climate change, constraints on natural resources and animal welfare. Many chain restaurants are already a step ahead (Dunkin Donuts, Target, Bugerfi, KFC, etc…) Meat alternatives are clearly offering us a glimpse into a different future.

Paper Outline:

-Introduction to Beyond Meat

oMission and Vision

oHistory (Ethan Brown)

oProduct itself

-Tacking global issues

oHuman Health

oClimate change

oNatural resources

oAnimal Welfare

-Company’s Progress and Growth

oFastest growing food companies in the US


oIncrease in Total Revenue

oEstablishing a presence in the F&B world

-Retail and Restaurant Partnerships and Establishments

oRetail (Whole foods, target etc..)

oRestaurants (Dunkin Donuts, KFC etc…)

oSales in each establishment

oHow it is effecting the establishments

-How consumers are reacting to the Meatless meat (Beyond meat)

oWithin the US

oOutside of the US

-Beyond Meat Alternatives and Competitors (those that came above them)

oImpossible Foods (burger), Tyson Foods, Kellogg etc…

oBeyond Meat’s Market share compared to the others

oHow are competing brands effected Beyond meat


oThe future of Beyond Meat and Plant-based meat in general

oHow Beyond Meat is changing the Food & Beverage Industry

oHow Beyond Meat is helping the environment

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