what is ebola and what efects does it have on humans

BIO9 Human Biology Term ProjectGoals:1. Being able to understand and analyze information in the media.2. Stimulate critical thinking and curiosity.3. Being able to carry out bibliographical research.4. Being able to write in a clear and precise way ideas and scientific information.What the term project will consist of?1. Find a news article (New York Times, Science Daily, BBC News or a different source) about some topic related to human biology that interests you.2. Come up with a question related to that topic. The questions must be interesting enough so you can write a short paper based on it.3. Attend the following library workshops: B, P and W (http://www.ccsf.edu/en/library/research-help/instruction.html).These workshops will help you to use the available resources to find scientific articles.4. Write a paper that provides an answer to your question based on the information found in scientific articles.What should the paper include?1. A short summary of the news article you based your question on (no longer than half a page).2. The question you want to answer in relation to the news article.3. The answer to your question (2-4 pages). Include a conclusion.4. Bibliography (at least three scientific articles).What format should the paper have? The paper needs to be typed, double-spaced and in 12 font.How will the paper be evaluated?1. Creativity: Is your question interesting enough that allows you to write a paper on it? (20 pts.)2. Clear summary of the new article: Can I understand the main points of the news article by reading your summary? (10 pts.)3. Do you answer the posed question? (15 pts.)4. Does your paper have a sound conclusion? (20 pts.)5. Did you use and cite in the proper way scientific articles? Did you attend the three library workshops? (15 pts.)6. Is your paper written in a clear manner that makes use of proper grammar? (20 pts.)**The news article you have chosen must be submitted by October 27th****The paper is due on December 3rd**

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