What is most important in a candidate for selection purposes trait or ability

A minimum of 250 words is required for each question. Please make sure you use proper academic sources and proper APA standards for each answer. A minimum of two outside sources are required for each question.

  1. In regard to recruiting, discuss organizational attractiveness relative to reputation and brand recognition. Please provide an example by exploring an organization you would like to work for (not a current employer) and why you would like to work for this organization. Support your perspective and reasoning with at least two academic references.
  2. Discuss the statistics that can signify discrimination within an organization’s recruitment, hiring or promotional practices. Provide a specific recommendation of how to address any discriminatory practices and support your reasoning with two academic references.
  3. Discuss considerations of social media in the selection decision. Explain how you would brand the advantages and prevent the potential disadvantages as the HR leader for the organization.
  4. What is most important in a candidate for selection purposes: trait or ability? Support your position with a practical example of why you made this choice of trait or ability.
  5. Discuss your perceptions on why you (or someone you know) failed to receive a job offer. Describe your (or their) reactions to this situation. What did you learn?
  6. Discuss the statement: “Your employees have quit. They just have not left yet”. Provide a practical examples of how you can prevent this in the workplace.
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