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What sort of despotism do democratic nations have to fear?
Order Description
Written Exercise 1
Due: Sunday, Week 4
Weighting: 15%
A formal essay style response in 600 words to one of the discussion questions from Weeks 1-3.
The essay must include reference to the relevance of at least one of the Key Themes of Modernity outlined in Lecture 1.
It must be fully referenced and contain a Bibliography.
A 600 word response in essay form to one of the provided from Weeks 1-4. The task at hand is to choose one (1) of the provided questions from a week before the due week of the exercise and answer it by using lecture material, the required reading(s) and perhaps some of the suggested readings as provided in the outline, if you think it necessary. However, the essay must be focused primarily on the reading.
This Assessment Task relates to the following Learning Outcomes:
Identify the distinguishing figures, topics and texts of Social Theory and Sociology as a field of study, and investigate their points of connection and disconnection in contemporary society
Analyse and assess a variety of texts and data sources critically within their historical, social and discursive contexts.
Explain the origin, characteristics and complexity of modern societies.
Articulate a coherent, developed account of what it means to live in modern societies.
Learn to think sociologically.
Develop writing, research and analytical skills
Develop writing, research and analytical skills
Read and write critically.
Learn to communicate your own ideas simply and directly.
please include in text reference along with the page number
This is the question for the essay:
What sort of despotism do democratic nations have to fear?

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