Need geology question answer

Where are today’s exotic terranes? What is their fate? Once East Africa has rifted from the African Plate, is it destined to become an accreted terrane? Will it become a new continent? need 400 words


.) In 6 or more steps, describe the formation and geological history of where you live in Alabama or just North America in general.

For each step include: the numerical age/age range of the geological event’s occurrence, a brief description of the geological event in your own words, and the APA intext citation of your source.

Each step is worth 3.5 points total [1 point numerical age/age range, 2 points for geological event description in your own words, .5 point APA intextcitation of source). (21 points total).

HINT: Use Chapters 2, 13, 14 and section 22.5 from the textbook to complete this assignment.


Numerical Age/Age Range

Brief Description of Geological Event

APA IntextCitation of Source

(Be mindful of your time scale and time labels)

(In your own words)


0 to 10,000 years ago / Holocene

The glaciers from the Canadian shield regressed southward as temperatures across North America begin to warm. As the glacial lobes retreated north, they left behind deposits of glacial till and carved out depressions that eventually became lakes.

(Chernicoff & Whitney, 2007)







2.) 2.) What was the main method of expansion/growth of the North American Continent on the west coast? (2 points)

3.) 3.) What is a broad area of exposed crystalline rock, which has not changed for more than a billion years called? (2 points)

4.) 4.) What was the name of the super continent that preceded the formation of North America. HINT: This was the super continent that broke up and the pieces were used to form North America and other continents of today. (2 points)

5.) 5.)What are the three types of plate tectonic boundaries? All three types of plate tectonic boundaries exist today and in the past, and all three have been used to shape all of the continents (including North America) and the changes we observe today. (2 points)

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