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White Paper
Research Paper Assignment
There are many types of research reports written for business. Your textbook looks specifically at recommendation reports and feasibility reports. I’m offering you the option, too, to write a white paper.
(A white paper is an informative and definitive overview of a well-researched topic. Some white papers may have a persuasive slant, but their primary intent is to inform. Typical of white papers are sections such as, “Summary,” “Background Information,” “Key Issues,” “Current Practices,” “Resource List,” and a number of other sections, depending on the nature of the subject matter.)
For this assignment, you will perform web-based and library research and write an informative, 8-10 page research paper—either a feasibility report, recommendation report or white paper You will need to cite at least 6 peer-reviewed resources, and 4 additional sources (newspaper/magazine articles, social media sites, etc.). This research paper will be visually and verbally accomplished, and present findings pertaining to the scenarios provided on p.1.
The required length of the document does not change, regardless of the number of students working on the paper. All submitted work will be 8-10 pages with at least 6 peer-reviewed sources and 4 additional sources.
Whereas every other assignment in this course has provided you with specific examples and specific formats to follow, this assignment will not. This assignment sheet will not tell you exactly what to include in your research paper or how to format/organize. Rather, you should use problem-solving skills to determine these criteria. (I will share EXAMPLES of papers, but the content and formatting of these examples is not necessarily what you follow. Rather, viewing these examples may offer ideas of how you might write and design your own. )
You are responsible for:
• Allowing your responses to the key questions to drive your research endeavors
• Allowing your research endeavors to drive creation of more questions, and pursuit of more research
• With your primary/secondary audiences in mind, determining what research is relevant
• Taking a look at all of your research, and identifying key issues of interest to your audiences
• Determining the best way to organize all of your research into an informative paper intended for a business audience (and determining how to best cite your sources—bib or footnotes)
• Writing about the research using best practices for business writing (and not writing like an academic)
• Choosing a report format that supports the tone of your message
• As needed, incorporating color, images, pictures, graphs, charts, tables, sample docs, etc.
Submitting a Final Research Paper
The final draft of your White Paper will be posted to the BlackBoard dropbox in Unit 3 by the due date.

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