For the past years, terrorism has been witnessed in many countries, in both the developed countries and even in the third world countries. One country that has been hit very hard by terrorist attacks is the United States of America. Also, there are various reasons that have been mentioned to cause terrorist attacks (McEntire, 2011). These reasons include: –

i.Perceived injustice

ii.Political ideologies

iii.Religious beliefs

Perceived Injustice

When people elect a government or when they chose people to lead them in any particular position, the expectation is usually that there will be justice in the way they are treated and that all resources will be distributed equally. However, in some instances, this fails to happen and therefore the ones who feel like justice has not been given to them get a way of revenging. Most of them result to terrorizing those who have denied them justice (Subrahmanian, 2013). The attacks and for instance be in the form of burning the offices of those who have not given them justice.

Political Ideologies

This is another factor that has been attributed so much to terrorist attacks. This is whereby the political positions held by different people tend to differ. In most cases, the political ideologies of those who are considered as minor in a particular country in a particular community tend to be undermined by the majority. The minorities are not usually given the opportunity to present any of their ideas and therefore this tends to anger them (Mahan and Griset, 2013). As a result, they engage in terrorist attacks as a form of vengeance, and they often term it as a way of teaching those oppressing them a lesson.

Religious Beliefs

In many countries, people hold different religious beliefs. This happens in countries where there are people from many different nations for instance in the United States of America. In such a case, the government in the particular country may be seen to be supporting a particular religion, and this often does not go very well with others who hold different religious beliefs. Additionally, some religious beliefs are in a way that they believe the killing of persons as being holy (Laureate Education, 2011). Therefore even when they engage in terrorist attacks, it is considered as the holy war, and they even provide proof from their religious books to support their actions.

Why the causes are the most important

I believe the causes of terrorism discussed above are the most important. This is because the reasons are what happens in many countries. For instance, for the political ideologies, there is no point that all people in a country can hold the same ideologies. Religious beliefs also differ in many countries, and this is what makes people conduct attacks on each other. Governments should, therefore, be very careful on how they handle such issues so as to minimize attacks that are likely to occur since they cause so much harm and destruction.


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Good assessment and description. I’d like to see some examples of each. Also, while talking about religious believes question comes to mind: how come ISIS is fighting not only different religions but their own as well. Thought about it?”

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE base on the section above it… in APA format with At least two reference…..

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