wk 5 final discussion hca 415 200 words max

For this discussion, please complete the following:

  • Describe a significant health issue in your community or state.
  • Compare its significance to the national priorities of Healthy People 2020 (Links to an external site.) goals (is it a national priority or just one found in your state or community).
  • Explain what type of effort it will take to fully address the issue (e.g., leadership skills, financing, organizational buy-in, stakeholders, perceptions, barriers, etc.)
  • Evaluate the efforts you can take to address this issue. As a public health practitioner, consider what your role might be, such as:
    • Will you develop, lead or be part of a public health program to address the issue?
    • Will you work on financing, organizational buy-in, or stakeholders?
    • What are you going to do to address this concern?
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