World War and civil wars –

1) At the end of the Civil War, it remained to be seen how emancipation would transform the South. How did emancipation change political and labor organization in the region? In your answer discuss
how ex-slaves exercised their new freedoms and how white Southerners attempted to limit them.
2) How did urban industrialization affect Americans’ lives outside of the work place? Describe the impact of late nineteenth-century economic development on home life and leisure. Consider how
class, race, gender, and ethnicity contributed to diverse urban experiences.
3) During World War I, the nation witnessed important demographic changes. What drove African American and Mexican migration north? How did the war facilitate these changes? Explain the
significance of these developments to the migrants and the nation.
4) Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor plunged the United States into war with the Ads powers. How did the U.S. recover from this attack to play a decisive role in the Allies victory? Discuss three
separate American military and diplomatic actions and their contribution to the Allied victory over the Ads powers.
5) Compare public sentiment during America’s involvement in World War II to that during its involvement in Vietnam. What policies, events, attitudes, and technological advancement contributed to
the differences, if any?

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