Please watch this brief video about aging:


Would you want to live past 100? Name one advantage to living that long, and one potential disadvantage.

Write a paragraph about it then reply to these two responses,


Personally, I would not want to live past 100 if the average life expectancy remained the same. My great grandmother recently passed away at the age of 106 and the biggest disadvantage was the fact that she out lived a few of her own children and all of her friends already passed decades before. The one advantage is the fact you get to see more advances in the world and be around to see even your great grandchildren’s lives.


I would most definitely not want to live past 100. One advantage to living that long would be that you would probably get to see some pretty major changes. My grandmother recently passed at 92 years old and she saw so much change in her lifetimes in so many ways (i.e, technology and ideals). The disadvantage to living that long would be outliving almost everyone you knew, you would probably have outlived your friends, much of your family, likely your spouse, and you’d also likely not be in the best physical health and could be suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or a number of other disorders.

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