a) Write a function to ‘deeply clone’, i.e. fully copy, all values of a ternary search tree as defined as follows:

typedef struct tstnode_int *tstnode;

struct tstnode_int


void *data;

tstnode left;

tstnode centre;

tstnode right;


typedef struct ternstree_int {tstnode root;} *ternstree;

You should return the copy — your function should have the following header:

ternstree clone(ternstree t, void *(*copyData)(void *));

b) Using the same information in part (a), if you were to add an array (tstnode array[]) into the struct above, how would you go about deeply copying/cloning this as well? Write a new function to show this (you can re-use your answer from part (a) but clearly show what you’ve added for this question).

c) Using the same information in part (a), if you were to change void *data; to void data;(remove the *) from the question above, what difference would this make to the overall question? Write a new function to show this.

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