write a proposal on how the kraft heinz company can further improve on its strength or address and remedy its weakness

Word Count: 1,000 to 1,250 words (required), not including executive summary

Grammar Requirement: Underline one sentence demonstrating semicolon use. PLEASE REMAIN CONSISTENT WITH USE OF BUSINESS APPROPRIATE LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT THE PAPER.

Scenario: Due to a twist of fate (and some brilliant networking), you have bid farewell to Braytech and now work for the company you wrote about in paper #2 (kraft heinz). PAPER 2 IS PROVIDED.

The ultimate goal of this paper is to craft a proposal based on some aspect of the research and evaluation you conducted in paper #2, offering the company and its leadership real and practical suggestions to further strengthen the company. This proposal should either 1) take a company strength and offer a means to further improve upon it, or 2) address and remedy a specific company weakness. Any number of proposals could be made to satisfy this assignment, so you do have quite a bit of creative latitude here. Consider all relevant research conducted for paper #2, knowing that you may need to perform additional research to rise to the burden of proof. Stronger papers will likely include a number of secondary sources to support the framework of the proposal. Clearly identify the audience for your proposal, then use the strategies from lecture, discussion, and your textbooks to accomplish your goals. You are welcome to use a targeted SWOT analysis as part of your brainstorming, but keep in mind that this is considered pre-writing and should not be a part of your final draft. This paper should avoid “magical thinking”: this proposal must be specific and needs to be reasonable, actionable, and practical for that company. Timelines and budgets must be part of this proposal, and visual aids should be used to help explain or clarify your proposal. Counterarguments, in an effort to avoid the logical fallacy of slanting, should also be part of the response.

You are welcome to use features from the second assignment, but you must cite these materials according to MLA standards—you will cite yourself as you would any other author, both in-text and in the Works Cited page. This assignment will be formatted in the same way as essay #2, and it must be cited thoroughly throughout and meticulously organized and proofread.

Must provide at least 3 sources.


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