write about one religious group or movement of the twentieth century the more specific the better

1. Write about one religious group or movement of the twentieth century,

the more specific the better.Do not write a paper about Christianity in general or Buddhism general or some other major world religion in general. Focus on a particular subgroup or movement of a major world religion in the past one hundred years

2. In the first page of the paper, introduce the topic by giving basic facts.

When did the group/movement start?Why did they start?Where? Etc.

Keep this introductory section to a couple of paragraphs.If you report

about the beginnings of the group beyond the first page, you’ve gone

too far.

  • By page two, you should be into the body of the body.Here the goal is to describe dimensions of the religion and 2-3 key events for the group during the twentieth century.What are the most important social characteristics, stories, doctrines, ethical teachings, etc.Ideally, present some discussion of each dimension in a paragraph or more.In terms of key events, what happened?What does this event tell us about the religiosity of the group?How did the beliefs of the group shape their actions and how did the event influence beliefs?

4. Avoid trying to cover too many ideas within the basic parts of your

Paper.Have a focus to your paragraphs.

5. Refrain from using too many quotes.Use quotations to punctuate

points made in your own words.For the most part, summarize

the information rather than quote.

6. Use the least four authoritative and written sources in your paper.

You can interview people who have official positions of authority or

experience related to your topic, but you still need four written sources,

ten page or more in length, including 2-3 sources from outside the

group under study.You can use the MLA method, endnotes, or

footnotes to cite your research.Make sure to cite the use of sources

in the body of the paper and do not simply provide a general


7. The paper should be 5-6 pages, using twelve-point font, double-spacing,

and one inch margins.


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