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Writing Assignments: Throughout the semester, students are required to complete a “Reflection and Action” paper and, at the end of the semester, a “Leadership Analysis” paper to give students an ideaof their personal leadership. In all written assignments, references and in-text citations of references should follow the APA style.

Reflection and Action Paper is a short paper of 3-5 pages

“The leader I admire”: This is an individual paper. Discuss a leader, famous or less known, whom you admire and respect. How did you learn about this person? What makes you emotional (admire, love, respect, other feelings?) about this individual and what he or she has done? How do you relate to this situation or leader? Has this person inspired you? How has your life changed based on the deeds and teachings of this person, and how his/her life would influence the decisions and choices you are going to make in the future? Please be honest, sincere, and creative. Use leadership concepts discussed in class.

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