writing about two jurors in a movie scene

1. For this exam each student will be assigned two jurors. You must analyze each juror separately. it is recommended that you take extensive notes during the film.

2. during your analysis you must connect three different interpersonal communication concepts to each of your jurors for a total of 6 different concepts.

3.You should have a clear description of the concept from the book and you must have a complete APA citation including page number. Moreover you should have a reference page in the style of APA as well.

4.You should have a clear description of the scene in the movie create an appropriate APA citation of the film, and real your chosen concept to the selected jurors.

juror #6 (Edward Binns) in 12 Angry Men.

juror #5 (Jack Klugman) in 12 Angry Men.

The movie name is 12 Angry Men.

Book name is- Adler, Ronald B. and proctor, F. Russell II. Looking Out Looking in 14th Edition.

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