writing an essay on art history

Choose one of the topics below and answer it in 3-5 typed pages double-spaced. Demonstrate knowledge of citation practices by citing your textbook as a consulted work. You can pick any format to use (Chicago, MLA, etc.), as long as you are consistent. The textbook is called GARDNER’S ART THROUGH THE AGES 15th edition.I do not expect you to do any additional research as the information in this course and from the textbook should be sufficient. Because these topics below are broad, I will expect you to narrow the one you choose appropriately. Make sure to have a thesis statement and use examples from the art we have studied in this unit (chapters 1-7) to prove your thesis. Make sure you include examples from the majority of chapters covered.

Here are the topics in Bold with thought provokers following:

  1. Describe the development of depicting the human form from Paleolithic art through the arts of Ancient near-East, Ancient Egypt, the Aegean and Greek cultures. Think about how humans are represented and what functions representation of humans have served. Is there in fact a clear “development”?
  2. Use examples from the art we have studied to defend the statement, “representation is a matter of function.” In Western culture we often get caught up in the idea of “primitive” versus “realistic” imagery when in effect each culture creates signs and symbols and a method for delivering them. In other words, the art worked for the culture that produced it and you can explore different pictorial methods and devices and how they were effective for their respective cultures.
  3. In what ways has architecture informed us of the cultures we have studied? What do we learn about a culture form their architecture? How is it unique from other art forms? How does architecture reflect and promote ideas?
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