writing and solving two assignments on time management

Assignment one: Time Management Field Trip

Time management is a very personal, individualized issue, so it won’t work well for everyone in the class to complete a one-size-fits-all type of assignment. Instead, we will complete a Time Management field trip, allowing you to explore different resources and select and use those ideas you find most relevant. Detailed directions on completing the field trip are included in the assignment sheet and template, available in(i will upload it ) Microsoft Word Format or as a PDF.

Grading Rubric:

Here is how your grade for the time management field trip will be determined:

Did you complete the travel log on three sites that you visited?

9 points

Did you create the postcard?

4 points

Did you post your postcard to the appropriate discussion forum?

2 points

Other considerations that will be reflected in overall grade: Was your writing free of grammatical and stylistic errors?

15 points

Assignment Two: Discussions

DQ One

For most of us, if we had a broken foot, we would go to the doctor and get it fixed. However, unlike a broken foot, poor time management is an area in which people are often aware that they are hurting themselves by not being more effective at, yet continue to accept the situation and negative consequences. What are some reasons that people do not wish to make the changes required to improve their time management, and in some cases, even brag or laugh about their lack of success in managing their time? Can anything be done to help change this mindset?

DQ Two

The WellCast procrastination video describes a three-step model for stopping procrastination. Follow this link to access their handout.

Now, think of a major project that you need to complete this semester. For your discussion response, describe that project in terms of the three steps of stopping procrastination and then provide feedback on the effectiveness of this three-step system.

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