writing assignment 265

1- The Benefits of a Gratitude Journal. Find and read two articles(websites) on this topic. Then, set up correctly and type your results. Make sure you cite your articles. Make sure you have a full page of writing – or more if you choose. (please make sure they are and cited correctly). (page and a half

2- Interview Skills That Work. For this one, find two articles (websites) and watch two YouTube videos on this topic. Then, set up entry correctly and type your results. You can summarize and come up with a full page or more (hopefully more) on this important topic. Be sure to cite your articles and YouTube videos. ( 2 pages )

3- Grad School Admission. For this one, find and read two articles on this topic and type your results in one full page or longer. Be sure to set up the entry correctly and cite your articles and videos. (page and a half

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