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Written Assessment
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You are required to respond to the following case study:
Margery Hogan is a 49 year old woman who is being admitted to your ward with a suspected bowel obstruction. On admission to ED, Mrs Hogan’s observations were blood pressure (BP) 130/75mmHg, temperature 37.8° C, pulse 86 beats per minute, respirations 19 breaths per minute, oxygen saturations 98% on room air, breath sounds clear and equal, scant bowel sounds and girth measurement 98 cms. Mrs Hogan is complaining of abdominal pain with a level of 4/10 and bowels not open (BNO) for three days.
You are asked to admit Mrs Hogan to the ward:
*Describe the admission procedure including the clinical forms completed and give a rationale for the use of the clinical tools utilised.
* Prepare an assessment plan for Mrs Hogan, providing rationales for the inclusion and frequency of the various assessments attended relating to her diagnosis. You should demonstrate an understanding of why the assessments are being completed and an understanding of when the assessments are done.
Throughout your assignment please explain how the clinical reasoning cycle and critical thinking have been applied.
The first section of the written assignment you have been asked to provide the names of all relevant clinical documentation and to provide a rationale for why the form is useful in the admission process and the care of the patient presented in the case study. This section should contain such forms as The Adult Health History, ADDS chart, medication chart to name a few.
The second section of the assignment is for you to demonstrate you have an understanding of the physical assessment that the patient will require throughout the hospital stay. You have been asked to describe the assessments that will be conducted as well as providing the rationale for completing the assessment and how frequently the assessments will be completed. You will need to read the case study carefully and do some critical thinking about what the patient has presented with and what signs and symptoms might be evident. This will direct your thinking to what assessments are relevant.
In both sections relevant references must be provided in APA style. You may use text books, peer reviewed journal articles and relevant web sites. Text books should be no older than 10 years with 5 years for a journal article. Web sites should be reputable and relevant to the Australian system.
Your paper should include:
A cover page
A table of contents if headings are used
An introduction
The body of the paper addressing the assessment task
A conclusion
A reference list
Journal articles should not be older than five (5) years
Written in third person
Referenced APA referencing style

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