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1.Formulates a compelling and specific research question related to passions and interest to address a problem in a specialized field of psychology. Defines appropriate scope and focus for research interest. Describes the connection of the research question to potential contribution to the field of psychology.
2.Evaluates the reliability, credibility, value, and relevance of diverse, high-quality, peer-reviewed research using critical thinking frameworks and appropriate evaluation criteria.
3. Integrates multiple critical thinking tools to cohesively synthesize high-quality and relevant literature to respond to a research question in psychology. Distinguishes conclusions drawn from research, experiences, and opinion.
4. Evaluates the application of techniques, strategies, and best practices in psychology to achieve desired outcomes in the field. Relates application to specific populations, settings, and practice within the field. Predicts outcomes that may result from application.
5. Develops an inspirational and realistic vision and specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely goals for research and scholarship in the field of psychology. Defines scope and focus for research interests including individual populations, settings, and specialized areas of application. Explains the importance of research to overall development as a psychology practitioner-scholar.
6. Demonstrates understanding of professional requirements for specialized career paths.
For this part of the assessment, complete the following. You may wish to reference Granello’s 2001 article, “Promoting Cognitive Complexity in Graduate Written Work: Using Bloom’s Taxonomy as a Pedagogical Tool to Improve Literature Reviews,” linked in the Resources under the Library Resources heading, for a framework and strategies to help you work through this part of your assessment.

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