• Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar Scoring Guide.
  • Capella University Library.
  • Unit 3 Assignment Template: Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar [DOC].
  • Unit 3 Assignment Worksheet: Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar [DOC].
  • PSY5002 & PSY5005 Research Guide.
  • APA Style and Format.
  • Analyze Your Originality Report [PDF].
  • SMART Goals. | Transcript.
  • Learner Guide to APA Writing Feedback Rubric [PDF].
  • Capella Career Center.
  • APA Writing Feedback Rubric [PDF].
  • Articulating Your Purpose.

Note: You will be required to submit this assignment to Turnitin before submitting it to your instructor for a grade. It is also recommended that you have your assignment reviewed by Smarthinking. Plan 24–48 hours to get results from these services, and additional time to make revisions before you submit the assignment to your instructor for a grade.

Reminder: Links to the optional worksheet for this assignment can be found in the resources of this assignment.

Use the “Template – Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar” document to format your paper.

As mentioned in the project description, creating a plan for your career is like planning a journey. The clearer you can envision the destination, the easier it is to lay out the path in front of you. Throughout the first two units, you explored your passions and interests and wrote drafts of a vision statement, goals, and milestones for your future career in psychology. This assignment provides further opportunity to clarify your vision and goals as a practitioner-scholar in the field of psychology before receiving feedback from your instructor.

As you write this assignment, consider the following:

  • Purpose: The purpose of your vision is to create an inspirational and realistic description for how you want to contribute to your specialized field of psychology based on your passions and interests.
  • Primary Audience: Because this is a personal vision statement for your future career, you are your primary audience. Envision yourself in a time where you are frustrated and want to throw in the towel. What would help you remember your purpose and inspire you to continue moving forward towards your vision?
  • Secondary Audience: Your vision should also be clear to others such as family, friends, and your instructor, so you can share it with others and receive support in achieving it.
  • References: Reference any supporting documents you used to create your vision.
  • Assignment Requirements: Be sure to comply with the requirements stated below.

Your writing in this assignment should not just be a collection of notes, lists, or questions and answers. Instead, it should be a well-organized discussion that flows logically from one idea to the next.

Complete the following in your assignment:

  1. Your Role as a Practitioner-Scholar Draw from your previous study of the practitioner-scholar model to answer the following:
    • In your own words, explain McClintock’s scholar practitioner model.
    • Reference Capella’s Learning Model Quick Reference Guide to compare the differences between the levels of practitioner-scholar and scholar-practitioner.
    • What it will mean to you to be a practitioner-scholar? Explain how the practitioner-scholar model can help guide you in developing the knowledge and skills that you will need to reach your professional vision and goals.
    • Be sure to cite your sources.
  2. Vision: In response to feedback you have received and the evolution of your ideas since you began, and in light of what you have learned about the practitioner-scholar model, revise and refine the vision statement that you developed in the previous two units so it is as personally meaningful as possible. This statement should articulate how your passions and interests connect to a specialization in psychology. Note: It may be useful to update your Articulating Your Purpose activity to help support these revisions.
  3. Goals and Milestones: Review the long-term educational, career, and life goals that you identified as relevant to achieving your vision. In response to feedback you have received and the evolution of your ideas since your earlier drafts, revise, expand, refine and consolidate your goals as needed.
    • Identify significant milestones for each goal. Be sure that your goals and milestones are:
      • Specific.
      • Measurable.
      • Achievable.
      • Relevant.
      • Time-bound.
    • Be sure to discuss the reasons for each goal and milestone.
  4. After completing a draft of the previously outlined sections of your paper, draft these sections:
    • Title page in APA format.
    • Abstract: A concise summary of every main point in the paper.
    • Introduction: A concise overview of the paper’s content.
    • Conclusion: A concise summary of important points of the paper, explaining the benefits of achieving your future career vision and becoming a practitioner scholar in the field of psychology and the importance and relevance of your vision and goals to your personal and professional aspirations.
    • References
    • For more information, see the “Unit 3 Assignment Template – Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar” document in the resources. Note: To maximize your scoring potential, be sure that you fully address all assignment requirements and meet the criteria in the Scoring Guide that will be used to assess your assignment. A link to the Scoring Guide is provided in the assignment resources.
  5. Smarthinking: Before you turn in your assignment, it is strongly recommended that you submit it to Smarthinking in advance, and revise it based on the feedback you receive. Be aware that the turnaround time for Smarthinking can be 24–48 hours from submission to receiving the feedback report. Plan accordingly.
  6. Submit the assignment to Turnitin. It is very important that you always submit your work as a draft, so you can make revisions before submitting it to the Turnitin assignment link. Review “Analyze Your Originality Report” for guidance in accessing your feedback from Turnitin, interpreting your report, and improving your writing and citations for your assignment.
    • Note that submitting the work to Turnitin does not submit it to the course room for evaluation. Retain the Originality Report in case your instructor asks to review it.
    • Be aware that the turnaround time for Turnitin can be 24–48 hours from submission to receiving the feedback report. Plan accordingly.
  7. Submit your assignment no later than Sunday, 11:59 p.m. Central Time. Make sure your submission is a Word document. To submit an assignment, click on the Assignment link at the top of this assignment, then, attach your finalized assignment. Enter your name and the assignment number in the comment box.

Assignment Requirements

Your assignment should also meet the following requirements:

  • Template: Use the “Unit 3 Assignment Template – Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar” document to format your assignment.
  • Length: 3–4 typed and double-spaced content pages in Times New Roman 12-point font. The title page, abstract, and reference list are not included in this length.
  • References: Your paper is to include a minimum of three references from scholarly literature. All references need to be cited in-text, according to APA 6th edition standards. Remember that citations are to support your thoughts, not take the place of them!
  • Written communication: Must be clear, with correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and good organization.
  • Writing style: APA expectations for scholarly writing include the use of third-person narrative, unless it is awkward to do so. Because you are talking about yourself in this paper, you may write in the first person.
  • APA formatting: Must be formatted according to current APA style and formatting and include a title page, abstract, and reference list. Note that these three elements are not counted toward the length of your assignment.

Submit the following for your instructor’s review:

  • Your completed Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar Template with your assignment content.
  • Your pre-writing, draft, and reflective work. If you had chosen to complete the optional Your Vision as a Psychology Practitioner-Scholar Worksheet, attach that as well.

Use this assignment’s Scoring Guide to self-assess your completed assignment prior to turning it into your instructor for feedback to ensure you meet all evaluation criteria.

Note: Your instructor may also use the APA Writing Feedback Rubric to provide additional feedback on your academic writing. The writing feedback rubric does not directly affect your assignment grade, but its feedback may factor into the professional communication and writing grading criteria. Evaluate your own work using this rubric. More information on this rubric is provided in the Learner Guide to APA Writing Feedback Rubric.

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