3 book reading reports

3 Book-reading reports (2 pages per report, double space, print it out)

List of books you can choose:

Cohen, Joan Lebold. The New Chinese Painting, 1949-1986.New York: Abrams, 1987.

Croizier, Ralph. Art and Revolution in Modern China: The Lingnan (Cantonese) School of Painting, 1906-1951. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1988

Erickson, Britta. On the Edge: Contemporary Chinese Artists Encounter the West. Exh. Cat. Stanford: Cantor Art Center, Stanford University, 2005.

Kuo, Jason Chi-sheng. ed., Visual Culture in Shanghai, 1850-1930. Washington D.C.: New Academia Publishing, 2007.

Laing, Ellen Johnston. The Winking Owl: Art in the People’s Republic of China. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1988

Shen, Kuiyi and Julia Andrews, Blooming in the Shadows: Unofficial Chinese Art, 1974-1985. New York: China Institute Gallery, 2011

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