Week 4 Microsoft Excel Assignment – “Plants”

Do Project 2E Plants that begins on page 470 of your textbook. Submit the document by clicking the Attachments button to attach the file. Do not paste the document in the Message area.

You will need to download and use the following data file to complete your assignment:

Plants Spreadsheet

In addition to the assignment file, answer the following question with your submission. This can be answered directly in your Submission comment area, or as a separate Word attachment file:

In this Week’s reading and prep work, you learned about different ways to format the contents of cells in Excel. This was shown the through the use of such as features as Merge & Center, Cell Styles, and Themes. Which of these do you personally find most useful and why? Do you have any prior experience using the selected feature of Excel? If so, describe how. Please look to answer this in at least 3 complete sentences in order to address it adequately.

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