african popular culture 5


Attempt only two question

Question#1, section A, is compulsory.

Choose one more question form Section B.

Keep your answers clear, concise and analytical

Your answer script must include your name, be collated and stapled.

Address your response to the specific demands of each question.

Illustrate your answers with apt references, and cite key sources consulted.

Double- spaced, 12 pitch font pages per question.

Have a title, be written in the MLA format, show originality, demonstrate thorough mastery of pertinent issues, and include full bibliographical annotations, especially as plagiarism constitutes grounds for failing this course and possibly, recommendation for further disciplinary action by the Academic Senate.

Your answer scripts must include the questions chosen, your name, and be stapled.

Each question you can choose use an article that uploaded or outside resource.


Section A (at least 800 words)

1.The cultural, social, institutional, and political networks key to understanding the relationship between new media technologies and African popular culture.

Section B (at least 700 words)

2.How pervasive patterns of leisure create critical fields, with respect to gender and class, in soccer fan cultures in Africa.

3.How Big Brother Africa, raise issues about ‘entertainment’, shared experiences and contemporary African cultural formations.

4.How the evolution of African studio photography open unique spaces for art, the projection of identities, social realities and dynamics.

5.How the complex interactions between the ‘political’ and the ‘popular’ in contemporary African cartoons and comic strips evoke unique critical fields.

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