Applied strategic management –

Applied strategic management
Order Description
The assignment should include the following:
1- An appraisal of the internal and external environment of the company.
2- A review of the strategic options available to the company, evaluation of those options and recommendations for future strategic direction.
3- Details of the activities required to implement these strategic recommendations successfully.
The project should be written in an executive report format using headings and sub-headings for explanation and analysis. Diagrams should be used where appropriate.
Word Limit
The word limit of the report is 1750 words, excluding the one page executive summary, the table of contents, content listed in tables and figures, and information in the appendices. The number of
words (excluding executive summary, tables, appendices) should be stated on the cover page of the report. Any information provided in the Appendix will not be assessed and therefore students should
only provide information that can support the arguments made in the main text of the report.
Assignment Subsections Grades
1 Executive Summary, introduction, conclusion. 10
2 An appraisal of the internal environment of the company. 20
3 An appraisal of the external environment of the company. 20
4 A review of the strategic options available to the company and recommendations for future strategic direction. 20
5 Recommendations for structures, systems and policies to implement these strategies successfully. 20
6 Presentation & structure, complete & accurate reference list.10
(I will provide the other 4 steps when the lecturer provides them)
Strategic Analysis: 5 Step Methodology
Define which organisations and industries/sectors the case study relates to.
Identify the geographic scope of the case organization industry
Familiarize yourself with the key competitors based on industry and scope
Look at the figures of the organization. Is the organisation doing well or badly and how has it performed in the past?
Look at the development of the organisation over time. What strategies has it pursued? Which have succeeded and which have failed? – and on what bases do you know?
What are your initial impressions of the main issues and choices confronting the organisation? Is it in an expanding industry/sector, or a maturing one? Are customer needs changing? Does the
organisation confront a variety of opportunities? Or is there a particular strategic issue which the case is oriented towards?
Overall Internal Strategic Analysis
Get insights about the organisation itself:
What kind of strategic resources and capabilities does the organisation have – and which does it lack?
Think about which of these have provided advantage over competitors; or could provide competitive advantage.
Draw these analyses together by considering in what ways the organisation has strengths or weaknesses greater than competition.
Use analytical tools such as VRIO or Value Chain to refine your insights on sources of competitive advantage
Look at issues about the organisation’s stakeholders. What are their expectations? Are they similar or in conflict? Who has more power and influence over the organisation’s strategy?
And consider the organisation’s culture. How has this influenced past strategies and is it likely to influence future strategy or constrain attempts to change strategy?
references needer:
-Lynch, R (2015) Strategic Management, 7th Edition, Pearson Education, Harlow, UK
– Grant, R.M (2010), Contemporary Strategy Analysis, 7th Edition, John Wiley & Sons Ltd: Chichester
– Johnson, G., Whittington, R., Scholes, K., Angwin, D., Regner, P. (2014) Exploring Strategy, 10th Edition, Harlow: Pearson Education
– DeWit, B and Meyer, R (2014), Strategy: An international perspective, 5th Edition, Cengage, Hampshire, UK
– Harvard Business Review
– Strategic Management Journal
– Long Range Planning
– Organisation Studies
Plan: ( dose not include the report) Compulsory Formative 250 Word Outline
All students undertaking this module MUST submit a 350 word outline on their preliminary choice of a company. Students should indicate the name of the company, a brief outline of its activities and
explain why this company was selected for the analysis by briefly presenting, in bullet point format, the main strategic challenges that the firm is or may be facing.
The following sections should be included:
1- The selected company
2- An outline of the activities of the company and a definition of its external environment
3- The strategic challenge that the firm is or may be facing
4- Where/how can you obtain information of this company?
Data collection
(data collection and ongoing analysis) on your company, the industry and its major competitors. You are strongly encouraged to raise on-going issues with your data- collection and analysis.
– MIT Sloan Management Review
– Academy Management Journal
– Academy Management Review

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