Assessment 1 –

Assessment 1
Assessment #1 – Role and respons1b111t1es of a
Paedlatne and a Chlld health nurse
HICYP Assessment 1 – Assignment
This assignment relates to the course topics 1 to 3 and asks you to write an
essay on the provided template and answer the following question
Discuss the role and the responsibilities of a Paediatric and a Child health
nurse. What role do these nurses play in keeping children safe?”
Objectives assessed
0 Co1. Explain the role ofthe Registered nurse in Family Centred Care
0 CO4. Appraise strategies designed to prevent or minimise future health
issues using a framework of health promotion, quality, safety and risk
0 CO6. Apply knowledge ofthe cultural needs, rights and expectations of
infant, children young people and their families within a legal and
ethical framework
To commence this assessment you:
1 You must support your answers by in text referencing and using
appropriate resources from both the course and your own research
2 The assignment is 1000 words in length
3 The assignment must include an introduction, main body and conclusion
4 Research articles used must be 2006 and above
5 Relevent Nurse competencies and mandatory frameworks must be
included in your answer
6 A complete reference list will need to be attached to the end of your
assessment template
7 Submit your completed template and rubric sheet via Gradebook

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