bl final exam

Final Exam

International markets provide a tremendous opportunity for business expansion for a variety of reasons by merger and acquisition.


Please answer each of the below questions in essay format. Your answer should be at least two pages long in normal type, but there is no word limit. Please provide at least ten different points for each answer. Please provide long enough and complete enough answers so that I can adequately assess your understanding of the questions and the subject matter. You must answer in your own words. The test is open book. You will be provided a higher grade for complete, well thought out and detailed answers. Answers that are short and only in list form, without discussion will not receive a high grade.

Q. What are the principal reasons for an existing company to seek out global markets for expansion through merger or acquisition rather than seeking to expand internationally directly through foreign export sales?

Q. What makes a country more or less attractive from another for expansion through merger and acquisition, and if some countries are better suited for such purposes, why?

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