Boccacio –

1. Create a Ppt presentation with around 8 slides minimum.
2. Include an additional slide for the title page, and another additional slide for Works Cited.
3. Include:
•dates of birth and death
•country where born and country where died (Note: these bullets can easily be on 1 slide)
•MAJOR works (not all of them), so research what s/he is most famous for; what was the topic of work
•What s/he is famous for/why s/he is important
•Who, among this list of characters, s/he agreed or disagreed with the most, and why
•Whether your character liked Socrates, Plato, or Aristotle, or none of them; why
•How and what your character added to, or argued against, the philosopher-of-choice
4. Use the slides for “teasers;” put additional info in Notes (Any questions? Use the Writing Center on campuses)
5. Minimum of 7 different sources (start at I also have a book for the guys and another for the ladies, if you want some advice.
6. Chicago Manual of Style.

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