Business Studies –

Weekly Summary
The Weekly Summary should be used to relate the concepts and ideas we have studied for that week to your workplace. Comment on problems or successes encountered, deficiencies of style in management and/or leadership, or other ideas related to the “Topics f
or the Week”. This is your opportunity to coalesce the ideas you have studied into an overall view of the topic for that week. It
is not enough to list what you have studied or what you did. You should be able to demonstrate that you have thought through the issues and can propose solutions in keeping with the discussions in
the forums and the readings. These will be 200-250 words in length. In APA format.
Week 4 Lecture from the book
This week provides an overview of how to evaluate training programs, including the types of outcomes that need to be measured and the types of evaluation designs available. We will focus on the evaluation of training programs and learner outcomes, explaining the criticality of evaluating whether the training has accomplished its objectives and, particularly, whether job performance and organizational results have improved as a result. Formative and summative evaluation are discussed and compared and reasons for evaluating are identified. The process of evaluating training is outlined and outcomes used to evaluate training are described in some detail. Kirkpatrick’s five-level framework incorporating five major levels of evaluation is highlighted, and the six major categories of outcomes are presented more extensively. Another important issue, regarding how good the designated outcomes are, is addressed. Perhaps most importantly, evaluation designs, important elements of evaluation design, and the preservation of internal validity are discussed as well as the calculation of return on investment for the training dollar. In an environment of accountability, knowledge of how to show return on investment is invaluable. Further, we will gain knowledge of the various evaluation strategies and how to choose an approach.
Noe. (2013) Employee training & development (6th ed.). McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978007802

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