Research paper: 11 tips for writing it right

research paper Academic research paper is written after deep research and analysis of the results. This guide is for you if you’re worried that good research will take a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. If you use outdated tools and methods, you will need to spend hours studying relevant and less relevant literature, sorting it out, and writing and rewriting the work.

Or, you can streamline the process and spend much less effort. The following tips will help you improve your results:

1.      Clearly articulate the research paper topic.

Yogi Berra, a famous baseball player, once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up in the wrong place.” This argument is crucial to the research procedure. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you might end up wasting time researching appropriate but pointless information. Try to formulate a straightforward research question from the beginning. Pick a broad topic, do a quick preliminary research before asking a specific question.

A good research question should be:

  • Clear

For example,

Poor choices: Why is healthy eating important?

The right question is: Is there a link between a healthy lifestyle and personal performance?

  • Important

Wrong Choice: Who Was the Most Significant Writer?

Correct question: How did Shakespeare influence the use of extended monologues in Melville’s Moby Dick?

  • Scientifically researchable

Wrong choice: Why is a father like that and a son?

Revised question: What are the implications of an authoritative parenting style on a child’s self-esteem and creativity?

2.      Use academic search engines.

If you want to conduct your research online. The following search engines will save you a lot of time:

  • iSEEK Education
  • RefSeek
  • Microsoft Academic Search

If you want to go even further with online research, this list of the top 100 open access libraries will help you.

3.      Data management

While you are doing your research, it is essential to avoid the trap of feeling lost. If you find an article that you especially liked, save the link to it; otherwise, you may spend a lot of time trying to find it again, thinking that it is the best resource you could find.

However, with the help of modern data management tools, you can easily save all the necessary information and even sort it out and sort it:

4.      Make your research paper introduction compelling.

Grab the reader’s attention with exciting statistics, shocking facts, or quotes from famous people. The main body of the research paper discusses the relevance of a particular study. Play with your readers’ doubts or selfishness to try to reach their hearts.

5.      Plan your word count

The general rule of thumb is to spend up to 10 per cent of your total words on an introduction and conclusion. So if you know the recommended word count, you can make appropriate decisions about the word count to be included in other sections.

6.      Consider the purpose of the sections.

  • The conclusion should be short. It is a summary of your research work. It should be documented after your project is done.
  • The introduction should provide background information, indicate the importance of researching the topic, and formulate the main research questions.
  • One should include current views on the subject in the literature review.
  • The methodology represents specific methods and tools used in the study and includes an appropriate sample.
  • In conclusion, only the results are given (without any comments on them).
  • Discussion of the analysis results establishes the relationship between any of the different facts.
  • The limitations shed light on possible imperfections in research design and procedures.
  • The conclusion briefly summarizes the main points and is a mirror of your introduction.
  • Be sure to highlight the value of your research work and also mention areas for further research.

7.      Review the literature

Collecting sources and just a few words about each of them is the wrong technique. Before writing your literature review, divide your sources into groups according to the authors’ positions. Make sure to include conflicting opinions and highlight gaps in the existing literature. This will make your work complete.

8.      Use clichés for different sections

You will forget about the writing block if you use the following list of academic clichés for different parts of your academic research papers:

  • Introduction:

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in X;

Over the past decade, there has been a sharp increase in X;

Recently, X has been carefully studied;

Previously / In the past, the primary purpose of X was to be/be in …

X is an increasingly important area in …;

In the new computerized world, X has become a central issue.

  • Literature review:

Researchers have studied the impact;

A significant amount of literature has been published;

Over the past decades, much more information about X has become available;

Much of the literature has researched …;

Previous studies have shown that …;

Several studies have found that …

  • Results and discussion:

The results showed that …;

Among the likely explanations for this phenomenon …;

The results of the experiment indicate that …;

The most striking finding that emerges from observation is that …;

The data obtained are consistent with (contradict) the results of previous studies.

  • Conclusion:

This study showed that …;

The second important takeaway is …;

The results of this study show that …;

This data can contribute to a deeper understanding of the problem …;

This research makes an important contribution to …

9.      Cite your resources correctly.

When referring to sources, it is not worth using the style guide as it is an outdated method; instead, consider using free online citation generators:

  • CitationMachine
  • BibMe
  • CiteFast
  • CiteThisforMe
  • RefMe
  • KnightCite

10.  Use fluency

If you cannot make any progress in your research paper at a certain point, try writing fluently. Write the space as if you were explaining your main points to a friend. This can improve the flow of thought for your work, as well as logical reasoning.

11.  “Write drunk, edit sober.”

This quote is erroneously attributed to Hemingway, but there is no official evidence that he ever said or wrote this. However, it makes a lot of sense. Put your work aside for a while, then come back to it later with a fresh mind and eliminate any typos, grammatical and stylistic errors.


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How to compose a sociology research paper

Sociology is said to be a baffling topic as well as an interesting one. For those individuals having issues in writing a sociology term paper, there exists a beginning that one must start with. Without a sociology term paper outline, one finds it challenging to work on the track, and having that in mind, one can learn how to take the initial step to compose a sociology research paper.

Sociology research paper.

sociology research paperOne should first put into consideration both understanding the topic to cover as well as the writing characteristics.

Having worries and searching for online research paper help? It’s simple. To make it uncomplicated to acknowledge. We will consider two areas.

Firstly, for a sociology research paper, is sociology. When writing on sociology, one is likely to get informed on already what the topic is. Yet, there is a concise definition given. Sociology talks about the study of human society. It enfolds how human society develops—structure and essential functions. Being an exact definition, it is everything that one needs to understand how to get prepared to compose a sociology research paper.

Secondly, the paper part exists as part of this project. One is likely to be familiar with the paper’s definition as one is explaining sociology. In this scenario, a concrete example of requirements to give is difficult. Having the same necessary foundation, such as arguments and supporting fact as well as the central thesis.

Sociology Paper Format

Writing in sociology class, either for a general essay or term paper, sociology paper follows the same raw format. Paper introduction, various body paragraphs, as well as a conclusion. Wondering how to compose a research summary? This is being a secure and affordable place to begin.

The introduction is said to be where one states the topic to write about for readers to understand what you’re writing about. Also, one should outline the purpose of the paper. Make the paper’s reason clear to understand. A research paper should not be dull. One needs to keep it fun. This helps not to zone out halfway through. Also, it should be informative. For what help is a paper that does not educate? Worried about how to select a research paper topic? It is not hard as most people see it. Looking for sociology research questions, one can get there. One can choose something necessary even if it is not assigned.

Most individuals consider the body paragraphs as the paper. The body consists of several sections and awards individual ideas supporting their evidence. This is what makes one’s sociology paper and its arguments strong. Each bit should cover a single topic providing all necessary information that the reader might need. Good research makes it essential to acknowledge what the paper is about. This should be about three. You should avoid losing interest after all.

The conclusion is said to be the last part of the research paper. You are being relatively brief but delivering the final meaning of your work. One should make it direct focus to readers attention on own findings. Your supporting findings led to it, meaning there are no misunderstandings by the time you write the conclusion.

Sociology paper outline template

sociology research paperThere exist three sociology paper outlines that one can make use of. The three techniques are: traditional, post-draft, and conceptual. All of them have their services and are different. The abstract outline is of help to the outside box thinkers. One draws instead of thinking! Here a circle shows the source. The rectangle outlines the central theme, and the triangle depicts the conclusion. They are all connected with arrows and lines. Post-draft outline includes composing what one wants to cover in a paper. Do this as ideas get into you. Write on how things are supported. One doesn’t have to worry about being orderly. Just get everything written. Later, neatly plan everything on bullet points.

The most widely used and well understood is the traditional outline method. Here the paper is broken down by format one is writing in. there exists an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The bogy paragraphs contain both main ideas for paragraphs and conclusions. The sections hold both main paragraph ideas and the information supporting them, just like in an essay.

Generally, it is shown as headings (such as introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions) having a number or letter lists containing the information required. This is just a summary; therefore, one should condense it. One can get lost along as it tries to make sense. Being the most widely applied method, let’s focus on it. See the example below.


  1. What is the paper topic? What is the central question thesis statement? Ensure to involve it here and make it understandable to the readers.
  2. What are your intended actions in this paper? Are you informing the reader? Are you arguing against something? One should state the intended purpose.

Body paragraphs

  1. Discuss the topic here. Keep it clear and precise and not broad.
  2. Include any information supporting the topic


  1. What is your paper summary? What was covered when writing? Summarize everything briefly and fairly. One doesn’t need to restate the whole thing.
  2. What is your conclusion? Write them plainly for anyone to acknowledge them. Ensure they are supported.

When writing a sociology research paper outline, one needs to put some thoughts and efforts into it. A good strategy helps to keep your writing on a path. Organize information in one place. Step by step, make everything on the writing process until you support your research findings at the end. Having the right plan ahead and work, one can turn every challenging task into a task that one can quickly write.

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How to write an excellent academic essay

In simple terms, an academic essay is an organized way of writing learners go through their studies at college, school, and university. The main objective of such writing is to bring onboard new details and information. It can also be used to give exquisite ideas by use of existing knowledge and facts. Furthermore, it allows students to show their creativity. Additionally, it helps them to relay ideas easily through ideas. However, essays are short and precise compared to other types of writing. Also, it delivers the writer’s justification to support their reasoning.

Types of academic essays

Despite sharing the same formats, academic essays can be classified into four different categories:

  1. Narrative essay

In this form of writing, the writer has to develop a captivating story of anything conceivable. In simpler terms, it is a shorter version of a novel. First, this way of writing shows the creativity of the learner. It is important to make use of plausible adjectives. Besides, this helps the readers understand the point of view of the author. It also helps in dissecting the main topic of the essay. Therefore, clarity in delivering the message is necessary. Furthermore, inserting a concealed meaning in the essay makes the readers curious to read more.

  1. Descriptive essay

In simple terms, the author comes up with an experience, emotion, or idea and narrates it to the audience. Therefore, creativity is key. The intention is to give a pictorial illustration of the story to the readers. Besides, the choice of words is important. The main objective of these essays is to spark emotions. Furthermore, help the reader connect with the topic of the paper. Additionally, the essay should employ the use of simple language.

  1. Expository essay

In this type of writing, the author should provide facts and details. Furthermore, it is a requirement to give the sources the information in the essay is obtained from. Additionally, it does not require the author to give individual opinions. Make sure the information in the essay is factual. The main objective of the author is to provide particulars and clear judgment.

  1. Persuasive essay

This entails the author selling an idea to the readers. The reasoning behind the academic essay should be understandable. This is to ensure that the readers believe the story as the truth. Additionally, serve your ideas in a less pushy manner.

Steps in writing an excellent academic essay

  • Introduction

academic essayThe writer requires to be given a well-defined topic or question to embark on writing about. On some occasions, the assignment is too complex to come up with a topic all by yourself. Furthermore, you can enquire for help from a professional writer on how to choose a topic. Finally, during the bidding process, you can enquire about a topic with the writer you settle for.

The introduction lays out the tone of the rest of the entire essay. First, begin the introductory paragraph with a strong sentence. This helps in grasping the mind of the reader and encouraging them to read further. Secondly, provide the reader with an overview of the main topic of discussion in your essay. Furthermore, outline the background data to help the audience grasp what the paper will capture as the paper progresses. Finally, come up with a thesis statement. This is the main argument, idea, or concept.

  • Main body

This is the source of information for your audience. It usually bears the most of your essay with about five paragraphs. First, the major points should be stated in the order they appear. Additionally, justify your thesis statement with facts and arguments. It is important to maintain focus to avoid deviating from the main points. Besides, the body’s main objective is to answer the thoughts that cross the reader’s mind while reading. As you progress, every point brought across should bring the audience closer to grasping the main argument. Furthermore, the main aim is to ensure they have an in-depth understanding of the author’s main topic.

  • Conclusion

A good author should provide a strong finish at the end of writing their academic essay. Furthermore, the reader might not be in a position to remember the contents of the first paragraph. Therefore, it is important to recapture the same in conclusion.


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Chemistry research topics

chemistryRegarding chemistry, frequently, the vast majority feel that it’s far off and appended to critical and complicated research. While it can feel that path in a study hall setting, chemistry is in reality surrounding you. It’s in every particle and molecule and is essential for synthetic systems, too.

If you are entrusted with writing a chemistry research paper, you might be considering what to expound on. You can write nearly anything you want because most things use chemistry somehow. Picking the correct subject for you is a troubling errand, mainly if it’s an examination paper.

The most effective method to choose the right topic

You can discover unlimited issues and issues to expound on, so it’s critical to zero in on what you see best and the strategies you regularly use. At the point when you expound on something you know, even a bit, it causes you. You know somewhat about it as of now. However, for another, you can find out more and become a specialist around there of study.

The best subjects are those that are examined widely at the scholarly level. They’re now well-known and possibly a little disputable so that the paper will be intriguing, and others will need to understand it. Another tip is to interface the point to the subjects that you’ve as of late shrouded in class. That way, you know a little about them and make sure to appreciate the exploration somewhat more.

The individuals who need a test may consider expounding on a point that hasn’t been canvassed in class yet will be later. You will adapt so a lot and can demonstrate your abilities as a scientist.

Does your professor pick the topic?

chemistryNow and again, your professor will necessitate that you write an article on a specific subject. Notwithstanding, there are unlimited freedoms to alter it. For instance, if your professor demands that you expound on synthetic neurochemistry, you can fan out differently. For instance, you can speak essentially about what it is, and it is a set of experiences. Be that as it may, you can likewise discuss the freshest patterns. Another point could zero in on what it’s utilized for or how it very well may be utilized later on.

A few people lean toward that the instructor mentions what to expound on, as it takes a great deal of the mystery out of it. Since there are unending chemistry research themes, it isn’t easy to pick only one.

Secondary school topics

Most secondary schools expect you to take chemistry, just as chemistry, history, math, and English. It will reflect the evaluation you persuade in your GPA, demonstrating which schools you are permitted to apply for.

High schoolers may like to utilize natural chemistry research points since they won’t have additional top to bottom examination. Choices can include:

  • Catalysis
  • Bases
  • Acids (arrangement, use, and properties)
  • Aluminum (and synthetic compounds)
  • Industry chemistry
  • Chemistry in (everyday life, human wellbeing, and so forth)
  • Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure
  • Ionic bonds
  • Salts
  • Zinc
  • Sulfuric corrosive

Engaging topics

The individuals who need to discover some new information or be engaged while they exploration may jump at the chance to adhere to disputable subjects or points that have been comprehensively examined. A snappy web search is sufficient to advise you if you like the point you’ve picked.

Choices can include:

  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate (unsafe or valuable as a delicacy)
  • Are drug specialists’ physicists or clinical experts?
  • What replaces oil?
  • Why is some catalyst reaction speeds higher than dispersion rates?
  • Are vaping items unsafe?

A portion of these is fascinating and engaging, while others are more questionable. These chemistry research themes can help you get a passing mark and learn something you appreciate. If you have any inquiries, consider looking for help from

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The benefits of essay writing services

essay writing servicesEssay writing services are the services offered by professionals to make the essay of high quality. Due to lack of time or part-time jobs, a person can decide to seek essay writing services. These services are sought after a person has written their essay but need help refining it. The services include grammar check, sentence construction, word flow, punctuation and style.

Saves time

A person might be busy with other school work or even a job, and writing the essay might be time-consuming, and essay writing services extensively deal. This gives the person time to concentrate on other school work and even their demanding jobs.

Mistakes correction

Sometimes identifying our own mistakes is hard. When writing an essay, we make sure to give our best and therefore, if we make any mistakes, it will be difficult to identify them. With the help of a professional, the mistakes can be easily pointed out and corrected.  The professionals hired have expertise in different fields, and they are more likely to identify the mistakes.

Reduces plagiarism

When writing an essay, plagiarism may occur. Whether it was intentional or it was never intended, it shows the work was dishonest. Plagiarism is using another person’s idea or quotations and presenting them as your own. A professional editor ensures that he identifies any ideas taken from another person’s work and corrects them. The writer may be in a hurry to correct the work and present it. A professional editor takes time to go through the work, identify and correct mistakes to improve the essay’s quality.

Reduces stress

essay writing servicesHaving many things to do at the same time can be tiring and overwhelming. When you have several school papers to write or even a demanding part-time job, writing an essay becomes stressful. In this case, hiring a professional editor is necessary to review the essay, hence lifting the writer’s shoulders.

Improves grades

Some people have ideas but lack a way of putting them down. Essay writing and writing become a significant challenge to such writers. Lack of content will attract fewer marks as compared to when a professional editor does it. All professional editors are well qualified with high expertise in different fields. The editor ensures to identify all errors, whether grammatical or construction, of sentences and corrects them. A quality essay will attract high marks from the professor, which improves the writer’s confidence and can lead to great opportunities.

Good quality

Presenting high-quality work gives the writer a lot of confidence and ensures that they can obtain good grades. When a professional editor does the work, there is a guarantee that the services rendered are of high quality. The editors are experienced, and they ensure to produce high-quality work for those who seek the service.


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References in term paper

Student research is not entirely the author’s work – it is based on sources and literature. In the term paper, it is imperative to indicate where the information came from – for this, a list of used literature serves.

How to compile a bibliography for a term paper

term paperTo correctly In the term paper, it is imperative to indicate where the information came from – for this, a list of used literature serves., you need to work on it in parallel with writing the main text. As soon as you have given a quotation from some source in the text, add it to the list – it is much easier than later (when the whole text is ready) to remember what was used and look for the necessary publications.

Coursework is a reasonably voluminous study. Although requirements does not determine how many items should be included in the list of references, teachers most often require at least 20-25 sources of different types.

A bibliography in a coursework usually includes:

  • Regulations
  • Textbooks and tutorials.
  • Monographs
  • Abstracts of dissertations.
  • Articles in periodicals (magazines, newspapers).
  • Articles in collections.
  • Electronic sources (sites).

It is essential that gave the course list of references on the topic indicated in the title.

Course work with a list of references should form a single whole. One should reference all sources in the text.

How to make a list of sources in the term paper

The bibliography begins on a new page with a heading at the top. You can find the following options for spelling the title:

  • List of references.
  • List of used literature.
  • List of sources used.
  • Literature
  • Literature and sources.

Locate the list of used literature in the coursework in a specific order. There are several approaches to the arrangement of records:

  • Sources not divided into types, at first they indicate the references at letter A, then at the letter B and further to the end of the alphabet. Sources in foreign languages ​​are placed at the end.
  • By category. First, all regulatory legal acts are written out, then books (monographs, textbooks, manuals, dissertation abstracts), followed by articles (in journals, scientific collections) and the list ends with electronic sources. Alphabetical ordering is performed within each of the groups.
  • In order of use. Sources are arranged in the order they are mentioned in the text. If several references are made to one seed in the course work, then the number in the list of references is affected by the first mention.

In the course work, draw the list of references according to the samples given in the requirements.


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