China History –

The True Story of Alt Q r
5 What is Q’s motivation in joining the revolution? Why does the author present his motivation in details? tt 6. What is Lu Xun’s opinions on the Republic Revolution? cite two details from the
story to demonstrate your view. 7 Why is Ah Q not permitted to join the revolution? 8. Why do people coil the hair rather than cut the hair during the Republic Revolution? Why does Lu Ilsun present
such a detail?
1. Why does the labor farm seem to be a better place in the narrator’s view? 2. Why does he thank Wang for the news about his poetry? 3. What is his attitude to labor? Why does he work so hard? 4.
Why was he willing to stay in the house where a girl was once hanged? 5 flow does the author convey his value judgment through animal symbolism on the hero and heroine in their first meeting in the
field? 6. Describe the three stages, from “human” to Animal and then to human in the hem’s spiritual development. .7. What happens to Dumbo? Why does he become dumb? What is implied in this
physical defect? 8. What is similar between the narrator and Dumbo? What does the author want to tell us through such similarity? 9.What does the difference between Luo Zongqi and the party
secretary suggest in Chinese politics? 10. What does his impotence signify? Does this have anything to do with his reading? Is this related to his behavior eight years ago? 11.Why is the piebald
both strange and familiar? What are the similarity and difference between the hero and the horse? 12 I low can the battle against floods contribute to the restoration of his potency? 13 .What does
the Colt stand for? Flow? 14.What is the significance of his farewell to piebald and the sheep?

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