Climate change

For this assignment please provide meaning feedback to the following: Please write 300 words 12 font times roman.

Climate change is something that should be taken into account seriously, because in the end it will affect us all. If the world continues to overlook this problem, it will just continue to grow worse. I think the most appropriate response to climate change is the Systemic level of analysis. The systemic approach focuses on the entire world, and climate change is something that affects the world as whole. Getting the whole world engaged on the problem of climate change would bring in more supporters. Countries would also be able to combine ideas on how to fix greenhouse gas emissions and provide a better environment.

The second most appropriate response would be the Domestic level. If we take a look at countries’ internal processes and guiding principles, and we can form an idea on what influences their political behavior. Every country is different, and perceives things differently. Some countries have low concerns for climate change, while others may have already taken action towards these problems. The Domestic level would help us understand why. The last approach I would consider to take on climate change, is the Individual level. With decision making lying with one individual, the decision may not be the best to benefit all. Although individual leaders may be able to perceive different styles of response from other leaders, their own behaviors might come into the way of taking logical action.

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