compare contrast 2 stories

Your assignment is to use your knowledge of the two stories to write a short comparison and contrast essay. Your essay should be two paragraphs. One paragraph will discuss the similarities between the stories, and the other paragraph will discuss the differences between the stories. (STORIES ARE ATTACHED)

Your discussions in both paragraphs should involve irony and theme. You also should connect the themes of the stories to the life and death theme of this unit. Also be aware that your teacher will be looking for you to communicate your ideas effectively, so this will involve your using complex sentences to vary sentence structures and subordinate clauses to vary sentence openings and add detail to sentences.

Once you have completed a rough draft, submit your writing, along with a rubric, to a peer in this course for feedback. Your coursemate should fill in the appropriate box on the rubric with feedback. Use this feedback to make changes to your draft. (RUBRIC ATTACHED)

When you submit your essay to your teacher for a grade, you should include the following:

  • Evidence of prewriting (generating and organizing ideas)
  • Evidence of a draft (should contain evidence of revision and editing)
  • A completed rubric (Student Statement) with evidence of peer comments
  • A final draft

Your assignment will not be graded unless all of these items are submitted.

The rubric will be used to evaluate your writing. Your coursemate will include feedback about your essay on this rubric as well. You should carefully review the rubric before you submit your paper for a final grade.

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