complete business policy essay morgan

Part 3 of the strategy assignment is due this week. Part 3 is used as a capstone assignment for the course. In this assignment you get to use all of the concepts and ideas you garnered from the case studies to construct a plan that will aid the company you choose as a research subject gain and sustain a competitive advantage in their respective industries.

Part three of the assignment is in two parts. You must complete both sections. This FINAL project is the capstone assignment of the class. It requires you to apply the concepts of the course to aid the company you have chosen to gain and sustain a competitive advantage via the recommendations you have for the CEO. Your recommendations should be supported with extensive research of company and its industry.

Part 3 (a) – Based on your research and assessment analysis tools you are to complete an executive summary to the company’s CEO (minimum 2000 words) in which you provide recommendations that will enable the company to gain and sustain a competitive advantage in its industry.

Part 3(b) – Requires a powerpoint summation of your work (all three parts represented). This is to be considered as the presentation you will give to the CEO of the company and the Board of Directors. Please place ppt in the assignment Dropbox below.

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