course project 2 2

For Part 2 of your course project will be completing the Gap Analysis and Possible Solutions areas from the 9-box template. Please click here for the template.


  1. Analyze and discuss the difference between the Initial State and the Target State. (note: please be sure to complete the video assignmentin this unit for additional help on the “Gap”
  2. Populate the form with the improvement effort, sponsor (this can be at your actual work site, somewhere you used to work, or hope to work). You will also want to fill in the Primary Customer.
  3. Your Gap Analysis must include at least one visual display (flow chart, root cause analysis chart, table etc). Please include any ancillary documents with this submission. (graphs, charts, pictures, etc.)
  4. Complete the Possible Solutions section. This section will address how you will close the gap between the initial and target states. You should have an Action Plan for implementation and include who will be responsible and accountable for each phase of the Action Plan. Be sure to include at least ONE credible source on an APA formatted reference page and to use in-text citations in your papers when you use the information from these sources.
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