design a project management problem 1

Think of a project you would like to manage, or describe a project you’ve been tasked with managing. We’ll do this in stages, ultimately you will be developing a PEP (Project Execution Plan) and its context and expectations – essentially you will be developing a business case for your project and its implementation.

And my project is that the IT company’s costs have been increasing, mainly due to the rapid increase in the cost of information technology activities. In recent years, the complexity of technology and the more market-oriented strategy have complicated the value chain of enterprises and increased the cost of IT activities. And many costs are directly related to customers, market segments and distribution channels.

I have completed the questions of 1-3 of the files I uploaded, please answer the questions of 4-6 in word document. And be free to change the project which you feel better to manage. And I also uploaded the IT case study which I got the idea of this project which may be helpful to you.

Thank you so much!

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