extra credit 27


For this extra credit, please read this article Link (Links to an external site.)


Then, answer the following:

1) In your own words, what specific aspects of the employer-employee relationship do you feel will necessarily have to change as this generation begins to assume a dominant position in the workforce, and why?

2) Choose 2 of the suggested approaches listed (What Can Employers Do to Help) and using what you have learned in this course, describe in detail what OB topics or concepts relate to the approach, and how a manager’s understanding of the OB topic or concept can make them more effective in undertaking the approach.

** This extra credit assignment is worth UP TO 10% (1 letter grade) and because it is such a significant amount, I expect a significant amount of effort for this assignment. Specifically, the extra credit you receive will be based on:

1) How directly and completely you answer each question, and

2) The degree to which you demonstrate your understanding of the OB topics and how they relate to the situation.

This will require responses that are focused, meaningful, relevant, and insightful. In other words, the extra credit you receive will be a direct reflection of the level of effort you put into it. Submitting general statements with no examples, discussion, or explanation will not result in a high level of extra credit.

Also, please be aware that your submission will be checked by Turnitin.com so make sure what you submit is your own original work.

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