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Choose a high-growth entrepreneurial enterprise which creates an added social and/or environmental value. This can be anywhere in the world, and can be individual, family owned, woman-owned, ethnic
minority owned, social enterprise, green enterprise, rural enterprise, high-tech or e-business etc. Research and document the enterprise’s journey from its inception, and analyse how it impacts,
and is impacted by, its local economy, and the global economy. Consider the extent to which changes in business activity occurred as a result of i) entrepreneurial processes, ii) the local economy
and iii) the global economy and how the entrepreneurial activities and values will contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals; (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/?
You are expected to search out relevant reading, to identify the key issues, research them and debate possible conclusions and recommendations. Please ensure you give relevant data/ statistics/
graphs and cite them. There are many possible sources of information on companies, particularly in newspaper and magazine data bases, some books and articles,, company websites and/or published
lists of best performing businesses (e.g. Insider Scottish Elite, EDP Top 50, Forbes 100, The Sunday Times Rich List etc). Particular important sources are annual reports which are often available
online (e.g. FAME database).
Please ensure that you include references cited within the case study report. References should include a mix of journal articles, books, reports and popular media (newspapers, magazines etc).
CRITERIA (make sure you hit every sections of the marking criteria)
Introduction and Justification for chosen enterprise (10marks);
Clear introduction and Justification for the chosen enterprise. Specifies the structure of the report.
Structure and coherence;
Clear logical structure, paragraphs clearly sequenced and flowing from introduction.
Application, understanding and analysis of relevant literature and concept (20marks);
Excellent level of understanding shown about the literature. Evidence of extensive research is shown. Literature is drawn from a range of sources. Excellent application of relevant concepts showing
through understanding.
Understanding and presentation of the relevant issues for the chosen enterprise and contribution to the UN SDGs (25marks);
Excellent understanding and presentation of the relevant issues for the chosen enterprise and contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Conclusion and recommendation (25);
The report draws to conclusion logically and presents thorough, justifiable and appropriate recommendations for the chosen enterprise.
Referencing (10marks);
Perfect referencing using the Harvard system.

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